Investing in a piece of art is an important decision...

We need to have an emotional connection to both the work and the artist...

I say we should also expect a spiritual connection; something that move us to the core...

Something that dances with us as we move throughout our lives.

Do you love art but worry about investing in piece you might get bored of?


Have you found paintings you love but you don’t feel connected to the artist or worry that later you may think of it as just a pretty picture?

Are you looking for a painting that can lift your spirit in an instant and can reflect how you are meant to feel on your best day?

What if a painting could remind you to remember how precious your life is?

Each of Nicole’s original emotional abstracts tell a story of the human condition.

One of courage and triumph over obstacles and pain, one of hope and silver lining and making it through to the other side.  

Each piece reminds us to begin again in each moment and to remember of how good life can feel.  

Each painting represents a reflection of your highest nature and of the endless possibility of your life each day.

As the painting reflects and twinkles in the light it beckons to you to take a chance on greatness. Why not?

Each piece represents turning something fractured into something whole and beautiful again.

Are you a Designer wanting a stunning piece to finish a room?

A Collector wanting a piece of art that reflects your highest self?

Are you a Designer wanting a stunning piece to finish a room?